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Immobilisers available at affordable prices in South Yorkshire and beyond

Whether you want to install or repair the immobilisers in your vehicle, contact the experts at Autalarm Vehicle Systems today. We serve customers across South Yorkshire.

Top-quality immobilisers for your vehicle

At Autalarm Vehicle Systems, our experts can supply and fit high-quality immobilisers to vehicles in the area. Whether you require an immobiliser for your car or your van, be sure to contact us.
Immobilisers are security devices that prevent the engine from running unless the correct method is used to start the engine. By installing an immobiliser, you can reduce the chance of theft and damage to your vehicle. We have many years of experience in the trade and can provide you with expert advice on one of the best solutions for your vehicle. We only use branded products for all our work. For the installation and supply, contact our team today.


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    Ghost Immobilisers

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    Transponder Immobilisers

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    Touch key Immobilisers

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    Automatic Driver Recognistion (ADR)

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Reliable fault finding and fixing services

If you are concerned about the security of your vehicle, contact the experienced team at Autalarm Vehicle Systems. We can check your existing security system. If we find any issues, you can rely on our team for affordable solutions. In addition to this, we also offer hands-free kits, car sensors and cameras, central locking systems and security alarms at affordable prices.

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Our range of services cover:

• Immobiliser fitting
• Fault-finding for immobilisers
• Repair of immobilisers
• Immobiliser supply

Protect, Update and improve your Vehicle with our expert systems

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